Who we are?

About Us – Bosanni is a 100% Romanian brand that produces luminaires from eco certified materials. Bosanni defines itself as an Eco Art Light Boutique, its modern and eco-friendly products being the result of the combination of the latest technologies and art created by Romanian and foreign designers.

Behind this young business is a team of specialists who have directed their experience in interior design,in new trends of sustainable minimalist design, wishing to offer each Bosanni client the unique illuminating experience, for the moment, in Romania.

Bosanni has in Bucharest its own creative center where the most interesting ideas in art and design meet new technologies and materials, resulting in eco – green products, as well as aesthetic and functional ones.

The functioning of the Bosanni luminaires is associated with LED bulbs for low energy consumption. They are different from mass market productions in that they play a dual role: functional and artistic – they are functional, ensuring optimum and warm illumination of the spaces in which they are mounted, but when they are not used for lighting, they become objects of art that become integrates into their design.

Benefits of Bosanni customer:

Romanian brand, international recognition

Bosanni is a 100% Romanian brand, which has formed an international vision on design. The Bosanni lighting accent falls on quality and durability, regardless of their model or size. We focus on perfect aesthetics, but we do not lose sight of the attribute of premium quality found in our collections of lighting.

Eco vision

Bosanni produces luminaires made of the highest quality materials. These materials are not painted or treated with chemicals that can emit compounds when the luminaires overheat, which is why our collections can be used safely, including to decorate baby rooms.

Plexiglas® – safe & durable acrylic glass

Bosanni produces Plexiglas® luminaires in its creative center in Bucharest, an acrylic glass that offers over 30 years of outstanding performance. The main properties of Plexiglas® glass are:

Our Eco vision aims to support lower energy consumption, which is why all Bosanni luminaires are supplied with a 8W, 10W or 12W LED bulb, depending on the preferences of each customer.

Philips partner in energy efficiency

All Bosanni luminaires are supplied with a Philips 12W, 10W or 8W LED bulb of your choice. We chose Philips because we identify with the high quality standards and the attributes of the LED bulbs that come to complement Bosanni values, respectively:

  • Resistance to overheating
  • Warm light day & night
  • Consume up to 90% less than ordinary bulbs
  • The highest quality of light is possible at any time, without heating time
  • Light with adjustable intensity for people with eyes sensitive to intense light

Bosanni believes in the power of the example, and the example starts with us.

The creation of Bosanni luminaires always starts from a vision specific to each collection. We harmonize and orchestrate new technologies with art, resulting in modern and eco-friendly products.

Lights that perfect


Bosanni is a 100% Romanian brand, but extremely responsive to the multicultural vision of the creative process, standing out through the elitist projections in which the shapes and lines are harmoniously orchestrated to reveal a warm light.


The creative plastic act is always preceded by a contemporary vision imagined by Bosanni designers. We start from an idea that we develop in an intense creative process. The passion inspires us to create these lighting fixtures with unique and harmonious design. Their purpose is to complete and beautify the spaces.


As a brand and maker of modern room lighting chandelier, Bosanni focuses all resources on innovation, launching safe and sustainable products. We invest in the highest quality materials and LED bulbs that provide visual comfort, but especially the financial comfort that is so necessary for the modern man.


Bosanni is a brand with a free spirit and unlimited imagination. We can say about us that we do not dedicate ourselves to a conventional design, but we focus on designing modern and original lighting, giving our clients the freedom to choose the ones suitable for each interior.